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Coolest School Celebration Contest


First Place

Teachers do a remix of Bad Romance – by Autumn Boatner
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Our faculty does a music video every year – it is an awesome tradition. Here is their spin on Bad Romance by lady gaga with school rules & policies. I love my school & staff so much.

Second Place

Trimble Tech Bulldogs celebrate students – by Deborah Boston
At Trimble Tech we celebrate teachers and students of the month. Each gets a bulldog to display as well as a huge announcement. We give prizes for honor roll, attendance, attitudes and outstanding deeds. We have students from all over the city of Fort Worth apply to get into our school, which has 32 majors and students receive certification from fields when they pass state boards. We celbrate the little victories, the big victories and the everyday moments of life. We hang pictures of students everywhere so that our bulldogs feel appreciated and get the respect they deserve.

Third Place

Teacher – by Stephanie Chapman
I work at an K-12 school and I feel that our students don’t get alot of recognition. We are a Title I school and over 75% of our student population are on free or reduced lunches. The staff in our school, pay personal monies out to reward the students and give them the best opportunities in today’s economy. I try to keep the student’s moral up and make a difference in their lives. When we have awards assemblies, we make sure that all students get an award.