Kit & Theme Construction: Top 10 Tips and Hints

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  1. Open boxes immediately upon arrival and take inventory of items. Compare to your order and the items listed in the kit instructions. Check all electrical devices to make sure they work.
  2. Read kit instructions carefully and form a solid plan before starting to build.
  3. Designate a “foreman” to assign resources where necessary and to oversee the project from start to finish.
  4. Before beginning construction, consider whether kits will be transported to a different location than the one you are using to build. Make sure you will be able to handle the transportation of large kits or allot time to assemble them on site.
  5. Compare the size of your theme or kit to the size of your venue. Additional decorations may be needed to cover the floor and walls or to tie the theme and room together. Consider ordering extra background paper, gossamer, netting or tulle.
  6. When using an overhead projector to trace, mark its location on the floor with tape or chalk in case the projector gets accidentally moved.
  7. Protect prep areas from knife cuts, hot glue or spay glue by lining with used shipping boxes.
  8. Verify measurements before cutting. Follow this simple rule of thumb: Measure twice—cut once.
  9. To keep structures standing up straight, add weights to the bottom, corners and sides. Cut a hole in the back of structures such as columns or arches and place weights inside to keep them from tipping over.
  10. Add lights to create ambiance, highlight portions of your theme and take your decorations from ordinary to spectacular.