Planning For Homecoming

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Homecoming PlanningAn awesome tradition welcoming students and alumni back to school, Homecoming is just around the corner!! Are you ready? We’re here to help make the planning of this incredible event as stress-free as possible for your students, staff, alumni, and you.


Homecoming Committee 
Welcome your committee back to school with a planning kick-off meeting! Form sub-committees focused on different planning aspects like theme decorating, entertainment, gifts/favors, refreshments, and clean up. Get your free planning guide for tips, tricks, and ideas, courtesy of Anderson’s!

Choose a Homecoming theme
Other facets of planning for homecoming relate to the Homecoming theme you pick: refreshments, entertainment, and of course decorations. A few of the most popular themes right now are:

Create a Timetable Work backwards from the set date to figure out what needs to be done and when.
Build a budget Always keep a close eye on incoming, but don’t be afraid to spend on supplies. Use our budget planning tool to keep $$ straight!
Fundraising How much money do you need to raise? How are you going to do this? When do you need to start? Anderson’s fundraising guide is a great place to start!


Advertise Banners hanging around school & the community and locker magnets as save the date reminders will keep the spirit of Homecoming fresh in everybody’s mind.
Pump Up The Spirit The week before Homecoming is Spirit Week. Get everyone excited by planning different theme days throughout Spirit Week and scheduling Pep Rallies to gear up for the big game.
King & Queen Set up nomination boxes all over school in the places kids congregate. Don’t forget to order your tiaras, crowns, sashes, and scepters in advance.
Decorate Incorporating your school colors into the decorations is a great way to pump up spirit. Coordinating gossamer &crepecenterpieces, and bunches of balloons will show your school’s pride in your Homecoming tradition.


Three words

  • FUN–Plenty of games and activities have the kids laughing and having a good time
  • MEMORABLE–Having the photographer there for pictures will give guests the gift of lasting memories.
  • SAFE–Recruit parents as security, not to dampen the party spirit, but to be there if a problem arises.
  • Wristbands–Use wristbands as admission tickets. Be sure everyone who is there is supposed to be there.
  • Favors–Everyone gets a favor! Custom imprinted glassware and photo keytags are keepsakes that kids take home, look at, and remember Homecoming forever.’

Wristbands Use wristbands as admission tickets. Be sure everyone who is there is supposed to be there.
Favors Everyone gets a favor! Custom imprinted glassware and photo keytags are keepsakes that kids take home, look at, and remember Homecoming forever.

Visit our Homecoming products section to come up with more homecoming planning ideas.

Do you have any great Homecoming planning tips you’d like to share with other high school kids?  Let us know below!