Top 5 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Get the Word Out About Prom

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Get the Prom Hype started now with five ideas that are easy on your budget!

Start planting the Prom seed now and get everyone thinking about Prom. Excitement = success. Big turnouts, great fundraisers, and happy students. Here are five ways to start getting everyone hyped for Prom!

Prom BannerCustom Banners
Inexpensive and customizable, Custom Banners are the perfect way to announcy your big event. Add your Prom theme, dates or details. You can design your banner to look exactly how you want it to. Even add your own custom design or mascot. Hang them around school and at sporting, music and drama events to get the word out.

Create Your Own Vinyl Banner
A Budget friendly option for creating banners for your Prom,Create Your Own Vinly Banners. You can paint on them with poster markers or paints for that truly individual touch.

  • 8 Color Banner Ink Kit. Perfect for creating your own banners and signs. The colors are vibrant, waterproof, sun-resistant and quick drying. Available in water based or solvent based.

Custom Buttons
Kick off Prom season with Custom Buttons. Design them with your prom theme or a fun saying to get everyone excited about prom. Some ideas are; Got Prom?, Prom 2012, Prom is the Bomb or Will you be my Prom Date? Sell the buttons for $2.00 and make a profit to get started on your Prom fundraising.

Yard Signs
Custom yard signs with your prom details are a great way to spread the word. Post them on school grounds, and throughout your community.

Drop Hints
Once you have decided on your Prom theme, a fun way to get students interested is a game of dropping hints. Don’t announce anything, just start posting hints around the school; one or two new hints each week leading up to Prom. Having a Paris theme? Hang pictures of a beret, an Eiffle tower, a croissant…etc. For a Hollywood theme, a red carpet, an oscar, walk of fame, individual letters from the Hollywood sign. It will pique the interest of students and get them talking about Prom!


How do you get Prom hype started at your school? We’d love to hear your ideas!