4 Creative Ways to Ask a Date to Prom

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We’re looking for your stories or ideas for great Prom Invitations. Wild & wacky, crazy & creative, or really romantic. We know there are some great stories out there, and we want to hear them.

We found 4 fun videos to inspire you. Watch and see how these guys and gals asked their date to Prom and then come up with something great!

1. Nick Jonas Prom Invite: Clever and courageous, this young lady is putting herself out there to ask Nick Jonas to Prom! We can’t wait to find out if he accepts her invitation!

2. Space Needle Prom Invitation: This young gent had his friends lie down in the grass spelling out “PROM?” while he and his girlfriend were at the top of the Space Needle! Very cool!


3. Local News: This wild & crazy guy made the local news!

4. Teacher Help: This teacher got in on the fun and helped out!


So…are you ready to get creative? Share your ideas here!