Glow Ideas for Senior All Night Parties and Spring Dances

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12t0Glow is all the rage this year! Teens love it and it’s great for senior all night parties, after Prom parties and spring dances. Fill your event space with glowing decorations, hand out glow favors and get your glow on. Here are some great ideas for going glow in 2014.

Create a glow event with the Electric Youth or Club Prom themes and these tips.

  • Choose a darker hallway for a glow theme to make your glow décor stand out more.
  • Add Glow Paint to Balloons to make ’em glow! (add a few drops of paint inside the balloon before inflating it, rub it together and then inflate as usual)
  • Running out of glow paint? Try painting with laundry detergent. It will emit a blue glow under a black lights!
  • Add black lights and watch your decorations come to life!

Carry the glow theme throughout your event with glow decorations:

  • Use Balloons with glow Paint in other areas. Suspend from ceiling, decorate registration tables, game tables, and dining areas.
  • Fill one area or sprinkle glow cheer throughout your space with Neon Prom Power Columns Kit.
  • Make sure your volunteers look the part. Have them wear Glow-in-the-Dark Bead NecklacesGlow Bracelets  and  Floral Glow Leis.
  • Add splashes of glowing color with posters, banners and decorations made with Glow Paint.
  • Make everything glow brighter with black lights.

Choose glow items for gift bags, game prizes or favors.

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