Prom Planning 101

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Planning an amazing Prom can seem like a daunting task; how to out-do last year, how to keep everybody happy and stay on budget, how to create memories that last a lifetime. The list goes on and on. But with some simple steps and a head start you can create a Prom that will leave a lasting impression.

Follow the steps below, and you’re sure to create the Prom of a lifetime!


Recruit students and staff for your Prom planning team: If this is difficult, consider offering incentives (a free Prom ticket?)

Form your committees: This article will help you determine which committees you need and what they are responsible for. Organizing Your Committees

Set a budget: A budget planning sheet will help you. Budget Sheet (pdf)

Fundraising: Choose what types of fundraising you will do. This is important as the funds you raise will determine how much you have to spend on everything else. The more funds, the more FUN! This guide can help you get started. Ultimate Fundraising Guide (pdf)

Choose a theme: This can cause a lot of controversy as members of your team will have different opinions. The best way to narrow it down is to allow members to present their ideas and then hold a secret ballot.

Choose a venue: The venue can use up a large portion of your budget. Encourage your team to hold Prom at your school. This will free up a lot of money for more decorations and favors. A well decorated cafeteria or gymnasium can look completely different with amazing decorations. Kids won’t remember the building, they will remember the night, and the feelings they had.

Choose music: Decide if you will be hiring a DJ, a band, or maybe just recruit a volunteer from school to play music off an MP3 player, which would be the most economical and would allow for the most freedom in choosing the music.

Invitations and tickets: Decide if you’ll use both invitations and tickets, or just one or the other. Choose wisely, invitations can set the mood and expectation for the night, and will most likely become a keepsake.

Favors: Favors can sometimes get lost in the budget shuffle, but kids love to have a keepsake from the night. Consider some budget-friendly favors. This article is full of great ideas (all under $2). Top 10 Budget-Friendly Favors

Consider what other services you will need: Will you serve food, snacks or beverages? Will you hire a caterer or recruit volunteers? Will you offer photographs, and need a photographer?

Recruit chaperones: Consider Parents, teachers and other staff members.

Publicize your prom: Use banners, school announcements, or even fun games or activities during lunch hour or other school events. This article has great ideas Budget Friendly Ideas To Get The Word Out About Prom


These resources can offer additional tips and ideas: