What to Do BEFORE Building a Theme

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  1. Place your order at least 60 days in advance so you have plenty of time.
  2. Plan to start building your theme at least two days in advance to Prom, with the exception to balloons. Do not inflate balloons until the evening before or morning of the event if possible. Also, use High-Float to help the balloons filled with helium last longer.
  3. Open boxes immediately upon arrival and take inventory of items based on your order and kit instructions.
  4. Contact Customer Care as soon as possible if you are missing anything in order to ensure the needed items arrive in time for building.
  5. Layout all items before beginning to build and keep each kit together in order to not mix-up kit parts with others that do not belong. Staying organized is key.
  6. Break Prom volunteers into groups. Assign each group to be in charge of assembling certain kits or portions of kits.
  7. Make copies of the kit instructions and highlight certain portions each group is assigned to.
  8. Allow 2 extra hours based on instructions for troubleshooting or re-work if needed.
  9. Do not hesitate to contact Customer Care as soon as you have any questions or concerns.
  10. HAVE FUN! This is an event and an evening everyone will remember forever!