6 Creative Ways to Use Fabric for Prom Decorations

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When it comes to making your Prom or Homecoming dance look just right, decorations can make all the difference. Decorating fabric is a quick and easy way to turn an ordinary room into an awesome pacolumnsrty space!

Here 6 easy ways to use decorating fabric at your next dance:

1) Jazz up columns and archways!
Transform ordinary columns and archways into spectacular structures by twisting gossamer or tulle around them in a fun spiral pattern.

2) Use fabric to decorate tables!
Turn tables into part of your theme by decorating them with fun fabrics. Cover tables and line edges with gossamer, tulle or glitter fabric. Add mini lights for a fun look.

fanit3) Create stunning ceiling effects!
Fabric is the perfect way to add a dramatic touch to a boring ceiling. Swoop fabric from one end to the other, fan it from the middle, or hang it from the top in a drape-like style.

4) Create fun photo backdrops!
Cover walls, lockers, and bleachers with patterned fabric to add a fun and textured look to photos.

5) Turn windows into works of art!
Cover windows with fabric. Then hang more fabric from the top of the window, gather it in the middle and cinch it with a bow.

6) Enhance theme elements!
Wrap fabric around palm trees, bunch it on the floor to create a pathway, or drape it around the room to create billowing clouds or waves. However you use it, decorating fabric will make your theme look great!waveit

Having the right decorations for Homecoming or Prom can make or break your theme. When you “put it all together” with the perfect theme and decor, you’ll have an event your students will remember.

Check out our decorations now and find the perfect decorating fabric for your event!

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