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6 Unique Ideas for Prom Favors

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Handing out favors on Prom night is a tradition that goes back many years. While frames, glassware, key chains, and candles are certainly popular Prom favor ideas, we have some unique ideas to help you mix it up on Prom night. Here are six Prom favors we love that we know your kids will love, too.

Andersons-Casino-Fun-Goodie-Bag-0001. Swag Bags

These types of bags are increasingly popular choices for Prom favors. Depending on which bag you choose, you get a sturdy bag and two to six functional favors your students can have fun with and use, like bubbles, sunglasses, and beads. And Swag Bags come in lots of designs to match your Prom theme.

2. Mustaches

Mustaches of all types are very trendy right now. You can get colored mustaches and mustache stickers to hand out on Prom, so your students can wear them all night. Mustaches are especially perfect for ballroom and black tie Prom themes.

3. Glow Items

Other items that can be used immediately on Prom night are glow items, like necklaces and bracelets. Glow items like these go perfectly with a retro, ‘80s theme. Functional glow items will also make your dance area look like a rock concert, and add to the memories.

4. Prom Apparel

Prom Apparel is a unique choice for Prom favors. Get apparel with “Prom 2014” already printed on it to make ordering even easier. Hand out T-shirts, Hoodies, or Sunglasses at the dance. Kids will love these great keepsakes from their magical night.

Anderson's Glow Items5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another great Prom keepsake idea that kids love. Pick the perfect pair of sunglasses to fit your Prom:

• Aviator
• Slotted
• Neon
• Foldable

6. Electronics

Nothing speaks more to students these days than unique electronics, and there are lots of fun ideas you can choose from. Some popular electronic Prom favors are:

  • Mini speakers
  • Styluses
  • Chargers
  • Earbuds
  • Phone Stands.

No matter which electronic Prom favor you choose, you know students will use these items when Prom is over.

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