Video: 8 Ways to Use Anderson’s Gossamer and Tulle for Prom Decorations

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Whether you’re decorating for Prom, Homecoming, and winter formal or any other special occasion, fabric is your secret weapon and makes an ordinary event space extraordinary.

Gossamer and Tulle are both beautiful, versatile fabrics that can add drama, depth and interest to your event space. Our short video below will show you 8 Ways to Use Anderson’s Gossamer and Tulle to decorate for Prom or other special events including:

  1. Hang it – hang fabric from the ceiling to add depth, cover boring walls and create dramatic backdrops. Use special lighting to make it even more interesting.
  2. Tie it – hang fabric from the ceiling and then tie it around the middle with a ribbon or shorter piece of fabric.
  3. Floor it – bunch fabric on the floor and add mini-lights to create pathways and walkways.
  4. Shred it – shred fabric and scatter on the floor to create the illusion of snow, grass, sand and more.
  5. Pleat it – cover tables with fabric and pleat it to make your own table skirt. Line table edges with gossamer and hang mini lights under the table to make it sparkle.
  6. Wrap it – wrap fabric around columns and structures to enhance your Prom theme.
  7. Swoop it – hang fabric in a swooping fashion throughout your event area. It’s a very simple way to add interest to your space. You can billow or wave the fabric out to create more volume.
  8. Twist it – twist fabric around columns, archways and stairways in a fun spiral pattern – it’s one of the easiest ways to use fabric to decorate.

View the video by clicking on it below.



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