Crisis Response In College Community

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College students helping with cleanup after Hurricane Katrina (photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Occasionally and unfortunately, moments of disaster come to a community. It is something that is never expected or wished for, but when it does happen, it is good for your college to be prepped to respond.

A great example of this situation in action was the chemical spill in West Virginia. Washington State Community College jumped into action by hosting a fundraiser drive to collect fresh water — their goal was 600 gallons.

There was also another example of a college in the area getting together a crisis response to collect water, diapers, and main food necessities within the first few days of the spill. A main point that that can be taken from this situation is this: the student affairs administration of this college had an exceptionally fast and organized response to this – they’re a great example of preparedness and also organizing and assembling in response to the particular situation at hand.

Another thing to be aware of is what is going on the surrounding community? Are there problems that could be potential avenues for your college to extend a hand of help?

Gather and foster discussion and with your student groups and generate a list of potential current issues, and keep that list updated.

What has your college done / could do for your community in need?