8 Unique Decorating Ideas for Homecoming and Prom

Even though your Homecoming dance and Prom night are always full of excitement, decorating for these annual school events may seem more like a chore than fun. We can help you inject some extra festiveness into your theme decorations with unique items that will take your decorations from basic to beautiful.

andersons_chandelier1. Chandeliers

After you have decorated your tables, walls, chairs, etc., you may forget about the ceiling. Don’t leave your ceiling looking empty or drab. Instead, hang one or several chandeliers in your party and dance space to liven things up. Choose a chandelier style to fits your theme, be it classical or offbeat.

2. Silhouettes and Stand-ups

Big school events like a Homecoming dance and Prom night rely on big decorations, like gossamer, background paper, and theme kits. Make sure you have lots of smaller finishing touches, like silhouettes or stand-ups to complete your theme decorations.

andersons_mural3. Murals

Fabrics may be a quick and easy way to cover your party walls, but murals can do this just as effectively. Choose a mural that matches your Prom (e.g., starry night, underwater), and secure it along one wall to create an amazing backdrop. You can even use murals as photographic backdrops for your Prom photos.

4. Lighted Structures

With so many decorations to deal with, kits that assembly quickly and easily should be at the top of your list. Lighted wire structures can be put together in minutes, so you can focus your decorating energy on bigger spaces. The lights on these decorative structures provide ambiance and help liven up darker corners in your party space.

5. Table Skirtsandersons_tableskirt

With all the hustle and bustle of Homecoming and Prom, it’s easy to cover your tables with fabric and leave it at that. Use table skirts to give your party tables a little pizazz. Secure a cover of your choice on top of the table, and then wrap a shiny metallic table skirt around the edge. Table skirts are a great choice for a glitzy theme like Gatsby, ballrooms, or Hollywood.


6. Light-up Items

Create exciting table displays with light-up items. From light-up cups and glasses to light-up centerpieces and other light-up novelties, these items are great mood setters. Depending upon how you use them, light-up items work best for glow themes, ‘80s themes, and masquerade themes.

7. Mirror Balls

Ceiling decorations are essential to any Homecoming or Prom theme. Mirror balls are a unique way to add some sparkle to your theme decorations. Depending upon your theme, add one or several mirror balls to your ceiling. Mirror balls, of course, are must-have decorations for a ‘70s disco theme.

8. Curtains & Stringersandersons_curtains

Hanging decorations are not limited to just the ceiling. Hang curtains in doorways for a unique look. Or secure curtains over walls for a different look and texture. Stringers are also a great option. Attach a row of them in doorways or archways for an original look.

Unique decorations can make a huge difference in your Homecoming and Prom decorations. They provide those finishing touches that will make the atmosphere that much more exciting for your students.

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