Tips for An Awesome Campus Winterfest

andersons_frozenthemeStart a new tradition on campus with a week-long Winterfest! This can include everything from dress-up themes for each day of the week to a pep fest and dance to the coronation of your Snow King and Queen. A fun-filled Winterfest not only breaks up those long winter months, it brings your campus together and generates a lot of school pride.




Have a snowball fight contest!
Have a snowball fight contest!

Winter Spirit Week

After you have chosen the calendar week, form a committee of teacher and student volunteers and start brainstorming ideas for any or all of the following:

• Dress-up day themes (e.g., ‘80s day, twin day, pajama day)

• Choose an overall theme for the week (e.g., Frozen, tropical theme, etc.)

• Schedule the pep fest, contests, dance, parade, coronation, and other events

• Decide upon a location for all the above

• Advertising each event

• Assign smaller committees to plan various events of Spirit Week


Winter Pep Fest

A winterfest gets its name from the popular Pep Fest, so make sure a big Pep Fest that provides excitement for everyone is on schedule for the week. Pep Fest essentials include music from the campus band, cheerleaders, and fun games and contests (hula hoops, tug of war, walk the plank) for students…and teachers!


Winter Parade

Having a parade in the middle of winter, may seem odd, but this can be done both indoors and outdoors. If you live in a state that doesn’t see a lot of snow, of course, you can hold a Winterfest Parade in your local streets. Include floats in different themes (King and Queen candidates, rock and roll, etc.) to pump up excitement in your community. If the weather dictates that your campus stays indoors, create one float with an exciting theme in a big space, like your gymnasium, and use it as a photo op!


Andersons_AfterPromPartyWinter Dance

Give your students one more reason to get excited during the week of Winterfest with a big dance toward the end of the week. Your winter dance can have its own theme (casino, Hollywood, Paris) with lots of fancy decorations, or simply be a big dance space with concessions, games, raffles, and more. No matter what you choose, make sure to focus on fun activities for everyone.







The penultimate event of Winterfest should be the royal coronation of the Winterfest King and Queen. Make sure to advertise early for this so students can submit names for the nominees and then have enough time to vote on the students who get an offical nomination. Make sure you are ready to crown your King and Queen with lots of royalty accessories like tiaras, crowns, scepters, robes, sashes and more.


Is your school having a Winterfest? Let us know what ideas you used!