Paris Theme

How to Create the Perfect Paris Prom Theme

Paris Prom themes are a very popular idea for Prom night. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the City of Lights and experience a little romance underneath the Eiffel Tower? Paris is a romantic and historic city with lots of creative possibilities you can use for a Prom theme. Use any or all these fun and fresh ideas for your Parisian Prom night!




There is a plethora of wonderful sights to see in Paris, France. Recreate those amazing buildings and world wonders for your Prom night. Some important Parisian landmarks to include are:

Eiffel Tower

• Moulin Rouge

• The Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

• SacreCoeur Basilica

• Notre Dame Cathedral




In addition to its grand, historic sights Paris is also known for quaint little bistros, cafés, and stores. Once you have your big structures in place, add cobblestone streets and tables with umbrellas to represent the bistros. You could even use decorating materials to create the Seine River as it flows through Paris. Don’t forget lots of lush gossamer, tulle and other fabrics to create a quaint and tranquil French park.


Paris Cafe



While many people call Paris the “City of Love,” it is primarily known as the City of Lights. Keep that mind as you decorate your Prom space. Add lots of cardboard city skylines that are edged with mini lights. Drape light strings around balustrades and columns, and set up lampposts in corners for photo ops.

Le Grand Parc de Paris Theme


Take a look at our Paris Prom Theme board on Pinterest. You will notice there are lot of vintage looks to inspire your Parisian decorating. Use artwork prints, vintage movie posters, and other retro or antique items for table décor to create a fancy French atmosphere.


Andersons Prom Paris theme food menu
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Your Prom night menu should complement your theme, especially a Paris Prom theme. Try some of these ideas for your Prom menu:

• Croissant sandwiches

• Cupcakes or cookies with Eiffel Tower decorations

• Add French flag picks to appetizers

• Set up a pastry buffet (instead of a candy buffet)


Andersons Prom Paris theme music ideas
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Complete your Parisian Prom night with some tunes to set the mood. You can try classic songs like “April in Paris” by Louis Armstrong, “Last Time I Saw Paris” by Connie Francis, and “To Paris with Love” by Donna Summer. More modern song ideas include “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, “Paris (Ooh La La)” by Grace Potter and Nocturnals, and “Paris” by Lana Del Rey. Or provide a mix of classic and contemporary tunes that everyone will love.


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