5 Steps for Caring for Your School’s Mascot Costume

Your high school’s mascot costume is a big investment. A mascot is a huge part of the high school school experience; he will be there for every school event, from game days to pep rallies. To help you get the most from your mascot costume, we have put together five tips to help your high school care for, protect, and store your mascot to help increase its “life expectancy.”

Andersons School Spirit Mascot Costume Storage Tote

Step 1: Purchase A Storage Container

Mascot costumes are big and bulky, and can be hard and expensive to clean. You do not want it to sit in a closet or even on a gym floor collecting dirt and dust. A storage container is an easy solution. Our Mascot Tote can be used for the body of your costume to protect it from the elements. You may want to invest in a separate, larger Mascot Costume Case to store the head portion of your costume.

Andersons Middle School Mascot Costume Instructions
Each mascot costume includes a “Caring for Your Mascot” sheet.


Step 2: Follow Enclosed Instructions

Because your high school’s mascot costume is such a big investment, it is important to follow the “Caring for Your Mascot” instructions that are included with your costume. Keep this instruction sheet in the storage case with your mascot costume. The instructions include tips on cleaning, brushing, and more to keep your costume in good shape for many years, so it can be used multiple times.


Step 3: Responsible Mascot Volunteers

It is important that the right person, or people, wear your school mascot costume. Be sure to choose responsible adult and student volunteers to be your mascot on game days and other school event. Volunteers should be able to follow the steps on the “Caring for Your Mascot” instruction sheet on how to put on the costume properly. The head portion of most mascot costumes include a built-in fan and the wearer of the costume will be responsible for its use.

Andersons School Spirit Hornet Mascot Costume
Select a small committee to “bee” responsible for upkeep and storage!


Step 4: Mascot Costume Committee

If you have not already done so, once you have ordered your mascot costume, choose a committee that will be responsible for the upkeep and storage of your costume. One or two people should be enough to complete the duties necessary to protect, clean, and store your high school mascot costume.

Order accessories for mascot costumes like Cold Vests!

Step 5: Stay Cool and Damage Free

Purchase mascot costume accessories, like Cold Vests, Cold Caps, and Cold Collars. Not only these particular products keep the wearer of your mascot costume nice and cool during long, warm school events, they also prevent sweat from discoloring or damaging your costume.



How does your high school protect and store your mascot costume?

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