5 School Appreciation Ideas For Thanksgiving

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The Thanksgiving season is a great time to show appreciation to all the important people at your school, including students, teachers, staff members, volunteers, and everyone who works hard to make your school great. Designate a week during this season as “Giving Thanks Week,” and make showing appreciation a school-wide affair, using some of these five school appreciation ideas.

Promote Random Acts of Kindness

Encourage students, teachers, and staff members to display random acts of kindness toward others, whether overtly or anonymously. Whether they pick up an extra donut for a fellow teacher, pay for another student’s lunch, or decorate someone’s locker, both the doer and the recipient will feel great and be inspired to “pay it forward” and do something kind for someone else.

Display Your Appreciation

If you love the people at your school, display your appreciation loudly and proudly! Hang inspirational banners, signs, and posters around the school, proclaiming, “We love our students” or “Our teachers rock!” Or, hand out personal, handwritten notes to all your teachers and staff members. You can even get creative by using Put-in Cup Fence decorations to display an appreciation message outside your school for the community to see.


Decorate Lockers and Mailboxes

Write words of affirmation and appreciation on sticky notes and put one on each student locker and teacher and staff member mailbox. They’ll be surprised when they arrive in the morning and feel good about themselves all day long.

Hand Out Fun Appreciation Gifts

Hand out fun appreciation gifts to students, teachers, staff, and volunteers as they arrive in the morning. Post your principal, assistant principal, school superintendent, or members of the school board at school doors to hand out gifts and offer personal words of appreciation. Some easy gift ideas to try:


Have an An Appreciation Party

The best way to show your thanks to all the great people at your school: Have a party! Host a school-wide celebration for all your students, staff, teachers, and volunteers. Provide pizza, beverages, a salad, and desserts, and bring everyone together for a fun and memorable time.

Whether you use these school appreciation ideas or come up with your own, be sure to take advantage of the Thanksgiving season by saying “thank you” to all the amazing people at your school, from students to volunteers. Shop andersons.com now for everything you need to create a culture of kindness and gratitude at your school.