4 Easy Steps to Your Perfect Parade Float

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Whether you want to design a parade float for community events or for your fall Homecoming parade, your float represents your school and your team, so you want to create one you can be proud of. Here is our list of the four things you’ll need to design a parade float that will stand out from the crowd.

#1 – A Trailer Bed or Vehicle

The first thing you need is something to decorate. Most floats are created on a trailer, which is pulled behind a car or truck. But, you can use a car or truck as your actual float, too. There are lots of trailer sizes to choose from; just be sure to pick one big enough to accommodate all of your decorations and people riding on it.


 # 2 – A Parade Float Theme

The second must-have for your parade float is a theme. You’ll want something to tie all the elements together. If your float is representing your school, you could use your school colors or school spirit as your theme. If your float is representing a club, team, or organization, you’ll want to create a theme that showcases that group. When selecting a theme, just remember to make it colorful and fun, so it gets noticed among all the other floats along the parade route.


 #3 – Parade Float Kits

For easy and stress-free construction of your parade float, consider purchasing a complete parade float kit that includes all the materials you’ll need. Kits make it easy to create the larger elements of your float that may seem challenging otherwise. Need an arch, column, thrones, football player, or anything else? Anderson’s has a kit for it. Check out all our float kits here.


#4- Parade Float Decor

Before you set up your larger theme elements, cover your float bed with vinyl or metallic floral sheeting and line the edges with fringe to create a base to work on. Check out our Trailer Float Decoration Kit to make this part super easy. Once your theme elements are in place, fill in the gaps with parade float decorations. Depending on the scene depicted on your float, consider adding decorations like these to enhance the look:


 Creating an amazing parade float may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With these easy tips and product selections from Anderson’s, you can quickly and easily design an eye-catching float for Homecoming, community events, and more.

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