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Survey Says: How Schools are Handling Prom 2020

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We recently conducted a survey of how schools across the United States are handling Prom during these unprecedented times. Thousands of schools responded, and the results are in.

Many schools are closed for the remainder of the 2020 school year or experiencing temporary closures, venue closures, or restrictions on events, but…

Most schools are still planning to have a physical Prom event in 2020.

Prom is an important milestone for students, and schools are not ready to give up on celebrating. But, with safety remaining the top priority, most schools are finding it necessary to change their Prom plans.

The #1 way schools are changing their plans for Prom: postponing the event to a later date and moving it onto school grounds.

Other new and creative ways schools are handling Prom, Graduation, and other milestone events this year:

  • Special gifts, giveaways, & days dedicated to recognizing the Senior class
  • Online royalty coronation ceremonies on social media
  • Digital fashion shows of students in formal wear
  • Teachers posting their own Prom pictures on social media for students to see
  • Private sponsored events from parents and volunteers at the school, city, and regional level
  • Invitation and admission to next school year’s dances for the Senior Class of 2020
  • Virtual Proms with music, chat, and contests for decorating, best dressed, and dance moves
  • Graduation parade where students receive their diploma from their vehicle

Stay tuned to our upcoming emails and blogs – We are working hard to provide you with additional resources around how to pull off some of these awesome ideas and more!

We asked what Anderson’s could do to help schools better plan and react to changing circumstances. We heard you! Here’s how we are helping:

  • Offering new resources and updates from other schools on Prom 2020
  • Holding orders & shipping directly to homes
  • Providing same day & rush shipping
  • Ensuring that we don’t miss event dates
  • Updating our return policy to make returns easier
  • Waiving late fees on delayed payments

It is our pleasure to partner with you and serve you! Please call us at 1-800-328-9640 and let us know how we can help.