Let Them Dance – Why Prom is Important

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With so many Proms canceled last year, and things possibly still uncertain this year, many schools are wondering how – and if – they should put on a Prom event in 2021. The answer is “Yes!” Prom isn’t just another dance. It’s more. It’s part of something bigger. Make Prom a priority this year, even if you have to get creative with how you do it. Here’s why Prom is such an important part of high school.

Prom is a Rite of Passage

Prom night is the culmination of four years of learning, friendship, and school spirit for the senior class, and often it’s the last time the entire class is all together before graduation. For students, Prom, along with graduation, symbolizes the end of high school and the beginning of their adult years. It’s a rite of passage that students remember for the rest of their lives.

Serenity Garden Prom Theme

Prom is a School Tradition

Prom is the ultimate school tradition. Many schools trace their year-end Prom event back to the first year the school existed, and many have never missed a year – until now. Students take pride in Prom, and the memories stay with them for the rest of their lives. Ask anyone who ever attended their Prom, and chances are they can tell you every detail of the night – what they wore, who their date was, their Prom theme, and more. Prom is a big deal and something schools count on every year as a way to say goodbye to the Senior class.


Prom Brings Students Together

Traditionally, Homecoming is considered THE event of the year for promoting school spirit, but Prom is just as important for bringing students together. For seniors, it’s often their last chance to have fun with their friends, look back on their years of high school, and share memories before everyone moves on with their post high-school lives. It’s the social event of the season and the ultimate way for students to show their pride in their school and their class.

Prom Promotes Inclusiveness 

This year, it’s even more important to have an event that everyone feels like they can be part of. Make Prom that event by encouraging everyone to attend. No date? No problem. Let students know it’s ok to go alone, with another person as friends, or with a group. Prom is all about the memories students make spending time with each other at the 

Make sure Prom happens at your school this year. It’s an important tradition and rite of passage for your students. It brings them together and gives them amazing memories of high school that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Let them dance for Prom 2021.

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