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Decorating Tools and Supplies

Stay on top of your Prom, Homecoming and special event decorating projects by having the right decorating tools and supplies on hand. If your decorating projects include hanging gossamer, tulle, banners, balloons and more, consider adding the Magnetic Mover Hanging System to your decorating tools. The Magnetic Mover Hanging System uses powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders to hang decorations – making the suspension much faster and reducing the risk of falling. Best of all, you can use the Magnet Mover Hanging System year after year!  And be sure to check out our Deluxe Tool Box Kit that includes the most commonly needed event decorating tools and supplies.

Magnet Mover Hanging System Additional Magnets

Retail Price: $67.19
Our Price: $55.99

Ceiling Hoop

Price: $99.99

Deluxe Tool Box Kit

Price: $99.99