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Glow Perfect Pairings

Nothing is more unique than a glow in the dark Prom or Homecoming theme for your next school event. Add to the excitement of your special glow theme with coordinating accessories and décor that add to the glowing mood. Choose pairings like glow jewelry, paint, and sunglasses; these are items that bring an interactive element for your glow themed event. And don’t forget lighting like a black light or colored lighting effects machines to add to the fun club-like atmosphere. A themed school event, like Prom or a Senior Party, that actually glows with jewelry, accessories and décor is an amazing idea that will have everyone talking.

LED Light String, Plug-in

Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $9.99

Glow Frame Glasses

Price: $5.99

Glow Body Paint

Price: $5.49

Blinking Mason Jar Tumbler

Retail Price: $7.49
Our Price: $6.99

Light-up Tumbler

Retail Price: $8.74
As low as: $7.69

Light-up Tumbler with Straw

Retail Price: $7.49
Our Price: $5.99