Awesome Gift Ideas for Prom Volunteers

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Your teachers, staff members, and parent volunteers and chaperones are invaluable members of any Prom Committee.  These are the very people who ensure that your Prom theme comes to life and that everything runs smoothly on Prom night. Be sure that you recognize the contributions, dedication, and efforts of every Prom volunteer and chaperone with one of these appreciation gift ideas.

Hand-made Gifts
Nothing conveys a heartfelt thank you more than a hand-made gift. Do it yourself Prom gifts can range from a hand-crafted thank you card to any of these fun ideas.
Glassware with hand-made finishing touches
Ceramic mugs embellished with ribbons, buttons, etc.
Hand lotion hand-wrapped in fancy cellophane

Edible Gifts
The way to anybody’s heart is through their stomach. Say thank you to your Prom volunteers and chaperones with one of these mouth-watering gift ideas.
Glass tumbler or mason jar filled with candy, mints, etc.
Pack of gum with a fancy ribbon
Sweet Treats Day (offer an assortment of cupcakes, muffins, cookies, etc.)


Unique Gifts
If you are looking for non-traditional volunteer gifts that do not require any crafting or assembly, there are plenty of other ideas. Check out these five gifts to get you started:
Photo frames
Flowers or small plants
Swag bags
Magnetic note pads
Scented candles

Gift Presentation
Once you have decided upon and bought or ordered your gifts, determine how and when to present gifts to your volunteers and chaperones.

In-school assembly the day before or day of Prom
Presentation at PromProm committee wrap up meetingSpecial outing (i.e., bowling, picnic)

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