7 Enchanting Centerpieces for Your Fairytale Prom Theme

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A Fairy Tale Prom or Homecoming dance theme is all about romance, and there are so many options when it comes to conveying that romantic tone, and table centerpieces are quick, easy, and affordable ways to help set the scene. Whether you want a soft and sweet Cinderella or enchanted castle look, a classic Beauty and the Beast style, or a modern gothic vibe, here are some amazing centerpiece options for your fairy tale theme.

White Wire Coach Centerpiece

This white wire coach centerpiece will bring a touch of magic to any table at your fairytale-inspired event. It looks beautiful just as it is, but you can also decorate it with flowers, garlands, a battery-operated tea light candle, glitter, rhinestones, and lots of other accessories to give it the ultimate romantic look – just remember to decorate it before midnight, or it might turn into a pumpkin.

Metal Crown Centerpiece

This metal crown centerpiece will help give any table the royal treatment, and it’s so versatile. Put it over a battery-operated pillar or votive candle to add ambience, wrap it in garland or mini lights, fill it with flowers, or spray it with adhesive and add glitter or gemstones to create the ultimate sparkle for your fairytale theme.

Black-and-white Castle Centerpieces Kit

With its classic color scheme, this castle centerpiece will perfectly match your black-and-white ball theme or beautifully complement any theme colors. It’s an understated, yet elegant, way to enhance the romantic tone of your fairy tale theme.

Silver Crown Pedestal Centerpiece Candle Holder

This silver metal crown centerpiece is the ideal royal accessory for any table at your fairy tale theme. The metal base gives it an impressive look, and the die-cut crown topper adds elegant appeal. Use it as it is, add a battery-operated tea light or votive, or fill the inside with fabric, greenery, flowers, or mini lights.

Red Roses and Curly Willow With Black Vase Floral Centerpiece Kit

Roses are the symbols of romance, so this red roses centerpiece with curly willow is the ideal choice to help set a romantic tone for your fairy tale theme. Whether your theme is classic fairy tale romance, like “Beauty and the Beast” or “Cinderella,” or it has a more gothic fairy tale vibe, like “Phantom of the Opera,” this beautiful floral centerpiece will help keep the romance alive.

Paradise Palace Centerpieces Kit

You can’t have a fairy tale theme without an enchanted castle, and this paradise palace centerpiece will make the perfect addition. It’s covered with iridescent glitter for extra sparkle, and the blue tissue flowers make it look like it’s floating on a cloud. And, four centerpieces are included in the kit, so you can add that perfect touch of romance to more than one table.

Rose Bouquet LED Centerpiece

Timeless meets modern with this stunning rose bouquet LED centerpiece. This table top decoration a features the classic look of roses that gives it that romantic look, and it LIGHTS UP, which gives it a fun and trendy look. Pair it with a variety of fairy tale themes, from “Cinderella” or “Beauty and the Beast” to “Today is a Fairy Tale.”

With romantic and enchanting centerpiece ideas like these, you can add the perfect touch of magic to your fairy tale theme – from “once upon a time” to “happily ever after.”  Shop these centerpieces and more at andersons.com.