How to put the FUN in Fun-draising

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Fundraising. The mere mention of the word can send shivers down the spine of well-intentioned students and advisors.

It’s time to leave those old fears behind. This year make fundraising fun with new ideas, or twists on some old ones. Think outside the fundraising box and re-ignite excitement in students! (not to mention raise some good dough for the big event!)

We’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started, but remember the sky’s the limit. You know your students and community best. What would they go nuts for? Use these ideas as a starting point for planning.

Ice Cream Social

EVERYONE loves Ice Cream! See if there is a local dairy or grocery store that would be willing to donate the ice cream, then invite students, families and the entire community. Make it a “pot-luck” topping buffet, by asking everyone to bring their favorite toppings. Then all you need to provide is bowls and spoons. See if Drama club or one of your musical groups could entertain during the social.

50/50 Raffle

An easy way to raise money fast. Sell tickets during sporting events, lunch and concerts at school. Or better yet go out into the community and sell them at businesses and events in the community, or even door-to-door. Make it a goal to sell XXX number of tickets. For example- sell 2500 tickets for $2 each, or 1000 tickets for $5 each. When all tickets are sold, have a drawing. The winning ticket number gets half the proceeds (potentially $2500), your group gets the other half.

Custom T-shirts

Boost school spirit and raise funds at the same time! Sell fun T-shirts imprinted with your school name, mascot, Prom theme or a fun and witty phrase.


(Prom spelled backwards!). Have a casual “MORP” to raise money for Prom. The key is to spend as little as possible on the dance so that everythign you make is profit for Prom! Decorate with items the school already has, or ask the Art department to help with decorations, tickets and banners announcing the dance. Skip the band or DJ and see if someone can broadcast MP3 music. Get parent volunteers to take tickets, chaperone and sell concessions.

Chili Cook-off

Instead of doing a spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast, try a chili-feed with a cook-off and prizes for the winners. This way you don’t have the cost of providing the food. Everyone brings the food, you charge $5 at the door and everyone gets to eat chili to their hearts content. Just number each pot of chili and ask everyone to vote for their favorites.

Video Game Tournament

Host an all-night (or all-weekend) Video Game Tournament in your school gym. Charge a fee for participants and sell popcorn or other refreshments, then get ready for the games to begin!

Seasonal Sales

People love to celebrate seasons and holidays. So if you are going to sell something, make it something they will love.Try wreaths in the fall, chocolates before Valentine’s Day, or plants and flowers in the spring. If your school has an ag department, consider working with them to grow plants and flowers for a spring sale.

Bake Sale

Get together with the Home-ec teacher and get baking! Sell pies in the fall or holiday cookie assortments. Breads, rolls and other baked goods can be a big hit too. Set up shop at big events in your school or community.

TIP: Many of these ideas; Bake Sale, Ice Cream Social and 50/50 raffle, would do well during other big events at school. Consider setting up “shop” when there are concerts, plays or sporting events happening. You’ll not only get students but families and community members as potential customers.