15 Activities For Your Senior All Night Party

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Andersons Senior All Night PartySenior all-night parties or “lock-ins” are intended to be the one last hurrah in each graduating senior’s high school career. Senior all-night parties are also a great way to keep kids safe on a big night of celebrations.

Generating interest and getting the kids there is key to a successful event. A few wild & crazy activities will do just

the trick. This list is just a starting point, and may possibly generate more ideas from your committee. Think out of the box. It’s okay to get a little crazy!

One other fun idea is to come up with the event theme for the night, and tie in your activities to your theme.  For instance, you could have a theme of “Making Magic Memories”, and invite a magician, a fortune teller, and a Hypnotist (all of which could be considered “magic” after a fashion!).  Some schools even keep the theme of their senior all-night party a secret from the seniors to keep them guessing, and keep interest high!

On to the activity ideas:

  1. Jello Wrestling
  2. Dunk Tank
  3. Sumo Suits
  4. Tattoo Parlor – with temporary or henna tattoos
  5. Instant Photos – Purchase a photo booth AP_Photo Boothor create your own with an instant camera and some fun photo props. You could do photo key chains as souvenirs, or give them each a photo in a custom frame.
  6. Graffiti Wall – Cover a wall with paper. Hand out pens and markers. Students leave messages and memories. Pass it on to the reunion committee to hang at their next reunion.
  7. Game Show – Re-create a popular TV game show. For example “Deal or no Deal”, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” “Survivor,” “Wheel of Fortune”, The Price is Right”, or “Hollywood Squares.” Make sure you find a dynamic emcee (volunteer) to host this activity. With the right volunteer, it can be a smash hit.
  8. Giant Twister – Gather ten to twenty Twister games and put them all together. Have teams play and watch the fun. Don’t forget to award a prize to the winning team.
  9. Karoake – rent a karoake machine or see if a volunteer will come and set it up for the night. Even better, get someone to record the kids singing and send them home with their own cd.
  10. Nail Art – Ask local nail artists to donate some time at your event to paint designs and fun colors on nails — moons, stars, graduation caps, roses, hearts and rainbows are just a few ideas.
  11. Fortune Teller
  12. Hypnotist
  13. Caricatures and Silhouettes – Invite talented community members or art students to attend and do caricatures or silhouettes of the partygoers.
  14. Prophecy/Predictions — This is a variation of the time capsule. Students fill out a prediction of what they will be in ten years — discovered by Hollywood, rock star, married, doctor, lawyer, etc. These are great fun when read at the tenth year reunion. Make sure you find a safe place for these and any other items, such as the slide show, that are going to be used at a later date.
  15. Get Cooking – Invite a local chef to cook with the kids. Teach them a few tips and tricks and let them feast on their creations.

Andersons Senior All Night Party 2Get a little creative and plan some activities that are not typically at the senior all night party. Shop for items for your senior all night party now.

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