5 Amazing Prom Grand March Ideas

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Grand March is the prelude to Prom – the time for students to see and be seen. It’s designed to get students pumped for the big event and to let parents see all the students dressed up for Prom. Here are 5 amazing Prom Grand March ideas for you to try.

1) Pick a Great Grand March Location

When choosing the location for your Prom Grand March, consider the amount of space available for participants and spectators, how easy it will be to transport and set up decorations, and the distance from your Prom venue. Here are a few Grand March locations to consider:

  • School Gym
  • School Auditorium
  • Football Field
  • Prom Venue
  • Local Park

2) Choose Amazing Grand March Decor Prom_Grand_March_Decor

Grand March is a sneak peek of the main event, so choose décor that matches your Prom theme. Some schools opt for actual mini versions of their theme, while others decorate with theme props and accent pieces that match their theme (e.g. star topped columns to match a “Starry Night” theme). However you decorate for Grand March, choose décor that is easy to transport, set up, and take down.

3) Allow Plenty of Time

Schedule your Grand March at least a few hours before Prom to ensure that students have plenty of time to get ready, attend Grand March, take pictures, and eat dinner before Prom – without feeling rushed. Make sure you know the exact number of students attending, so you can plan accordingly to ensure that they all get their moment in the spotlight.

4) Design a Memorable Grand March Entrance Prom_Grand_March_Ideas_Entrance

A grand entrance is a must-have for your Prom Grand March. The entrance is the first glimpse the spectators will get of Prom attendees, so it needs to be memorable. Try one of these fun Grand March ideas for your entrance:

  • An arch decorated to match your theme
  • A dazzling metallic or beaded curtain hanging from the ceiling
  • A spectacular staircase
  • Two columns flanking a pathway
  • A bridge for students to walk over

5) Create a Grand March Walkway

The walkway is where the action happens, so be sure to design a pathway that can be seen from all sides. Whether your pathway goes in a straight line or around the room, you’ll want to include stopping points along the way for students to pause for pictures. Use things like background paper, fabric, mini lights, metallic sheeting, and even a red carpet kit to create the perfect look.

With these 5 easy Grand March ideas, you can make your Prom Grand March as special and memorable as Prom itself.

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