Prom Royalty Tips: Coronation Questions Answered

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Coronation is one of the highlights of Prom, and as Prom Advisor, it’s your job to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Here are five Prom royalty tips that answer popular coronation questions, so you can create a memorable and special event for your students.

1) How should we crown our King, Queen, and Court?  Prom_Royalty_Tips_Coronation

When it comes to crowning your Prom royalty, consider your school’s traditions, as well as the time, space, and venue you have available. Some schools hold a school-wide assembly to crown their Prom royalty, while others prefer to have coronation be part of the Grand March or Prom itself. However you do it, be sure to present your royalty with all the accessories they need, like tiaras, crowns, sashes, and scepters to give them a regal look.

2) How do we coordinate our royal accessories with our Prom theme?

You want your royal court to coordinate with your theme. Here are some Prom royalty tips to help you achieve the perfect look:

  • Match theme colors:  Select crowns and sashes in colors that coordinate with your theme or school colors.
  • Personalized products:  Get your sashes and crowns custom imprinted with the exact wording you want to match your Prom theme.
  • Theme-specific accessories: Choose theme-specific accessories, like snowflake, Eiffel Tower, or star tiaras, or full-color crowns and sashes, that match your theme.

 3) How should we decorate for coronation?

If Prom coronation is being held at school, set the stage with an arch or curtain and a fun walkway for royalty to make their grand entrance. If coronation is taking place at your Grand March or at Prom itself, your space will already be decorated, but you might want to set up a specific place to take photos of your Prom royalty.

Prom_Coronation_Curtain 4) What should we use as a backdrop for our royalty photos?

There are so many options for photo backdrops. Here are just a few to consider:

  • A mural or background illustration that matches your theme
  • Patterned background paper or solid-color paper in your theme color(s)
  • Fun fabric that coordinates with your theme
  • A spectacular light wall
  • A dazzling metallic or beaded curtain

5) What titles should we have for our Prom court members?

You can opt for the traditional King, Queen, Court, Royalty, Prince and Princess and choose accessories, like sashes, that come preprinted with these titles. Or, you can make up your own titles to match your theme, like Court Jester, Masquerade King, Queen of Paris, or Hollywood Star and get custom imprinted sashes to match. Another option is to go for more inclusive titles, like Most Unique Prom Outfit, Best Dancer, or Coolest Prom Hair, so everyone can have a chance at becoming Prom royalty.

Use these Prom royalty tips to make coronation easy for you and fun and memorable for your Prom court and attendees.

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