Personalized Prom Ideas For Your School

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As the highlight of the school year, it’s important that Prom stand out, but with so many schools choosing the same themes and colors, how do you create a Prom event that is unique to your school and to your students? Here are a few easy personalized Prom ideas for your school.

Personalized Prom Invitations Personalize_Prom_Snowflake_Invitation

To add the perfect personal touch to Prom, start with your invitations. Select a style that matches your theme. Full-color invitations are a great choice, because there are so many amazing graphics to choose from and you can personalize them with your theme or school name, event date, and details.

Personalized Prom Royalty Items

Being a member of Prom royalty is special, and customized mementoes make it even more meaningful for your King, Queen, and Court. The easiest personalized Prom ideas for your royalty are sashes. Design a unique sash for each member of your court by choosing a specific style for each one and imprinting each sash with an individual court member’s name. Another fun option is to create a personalized banner featuring all the names of your Prom royalty to unveil and display during coronation.

Personalized Prom Favors

To make Prom extra-special, hand out Prom favors, like lanyards, that feature individual student names. Imprint one side of a strap with your custom text (Prom theme, school name, or date) and the other strap with a specific student name. If lanyards aren’t your style, even classic favors, like frames, glassware, and key chains, can be custom imprinted with your text to create favors unique to your school.

Personalized_Prom_ArchPersonalized Prom Decorations

One of the most effective and fun ways to personalize your Prom is with decorations. Try these fun ideas:

  • Choose  props, like arches or columns, that you can personalize with your school name or theme.
  • Choose a complete theme that comes with a color-change option, so you can match it to your school or event colors.
  • Display a step-and-repeat wall backdrop that features your personalized imprint.
  • Use styro letters to spell out anything you want.

Personalized Prom ideas make the event much more fun and memorable. From keepsakes with individual student names to one-of-a-kind decorations, these easy ideas will help you create the perfect personalized event for your school and students.

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