10 Fun Non-Sales Homecoming Fundraisers

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When you think “Homecoming Fundraising,” do you automatically think of students going door-to-door selling wrapping paper or candy? While direct sales can be effective ways to raise money, they’re not always practical – or fun. Check out our list of 10 easy and fun Homecoming fundraisers that don’t involve direct sales but can still help your school raise maximum funds.

1) Talent Show

Host a school-wide talent show, putting students, staff members, and parents in the spotlight. Charge a small admission fee to spectators, and advertise in the community to ensure high turnout.


2) Table Busing/Grocery Bagging

Make arrangements with a local restaurant or grocery store to have students bus tables or bag groceries for tips. Be sure to put up a banner or sign to let customers know what is happening and where the money is going.

3) Local Business Sponsors

Most businesses love to support their local schools, so reach out to businesses in your city to see if they would be willing to sponsor this year’s Homecoming with a monetary donation in exchange for exposure for their business. Offer to create a banner or scoreboard ad to display during the game or to put an ad on your school’s website or Facebook page spotlighting each business that sponsors your Homecoming.

4) Chore Auction

Organize an auction where participants can auction off chores – raking leaves, mowing lawns, painting rooms, babysitting, cleaning – to the highest bidder. To make it more fun, and ensure the highest profit, have teachers be the ones offering chores and students doing the bidding.


5) Silent Auction

Ask local businesses for donations of goods and then hold a silent auction at your school. Invite the community, provide some entertainment and refreshments, and watch the money roll in. 

6) Bingo Night

Everyone loves BINGO! Put on a BINGO night at your school for students, staff, parents, and community members. Charge a small fee for admission or per play, and offer small prizes to the winners.


7) Fun Run

Organize a school-wide fun run to raise money for Homecoming. Set up a course (1K, 5K, or 10K) around your community and invite students, teachers, and staff members to collect donations (per kilometer) and participate in the run.

8) Car Wash

Set up a student-run car wash to raise money for Homecoming. Be sure to set up outside a local business or in a parking lot on a busy street in your community to ensure maximum exposure and get more business. Either charge a set fee or ask for a donation from each driver.


9) Hat Day

If your school doesn’t normally allow students to wear hats in class, make an exception one day a month. Designate a day as “Hat Day” and allow students to pay a small fee (say, $2) to wear a hat to school. To maximize participation, make it a “Fun Hat Day” and award a prize for the goofiest or most creative hat.


10) Student/Faculty Basketball Game

Pit students and staff against each other in a friendly game of basketball to raise funds for your Homecoming festivities. Charge admission for parents and community members to come watch the fun as students and staff go head to head in a game of hoops.


Homecoming fundraising doesn’t always have to involve sales. Try some of these amazing ideas to engage students, teachers, parents, and the community and get them involved in your fundraising efforts. We’re sure you’ll find these ideas easy, effective, and fun ways to raise money for your school event. 

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