From Homecoming to Halloween: Reuse Your Dance Decor

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With Homecoming and Halloween so close together, time frames tight, and budgets even tighter, are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to plan both your Homecoming dance and Halloween dance at the same time? Reduce the stress, time, and money involved in planning your Halloween dance by reusing the decor from Homecoming. We’ll show you how with these easy ideas.

Transform Your Cardboard Silhouettes

If your Homecoming theme included our black cardboard silhouettes, you already have the makings for some fabulous décor pieces for your Halloween dance. All you need is some paint and a little creativity:

  • Paint the edges of your black silhouettes orange to reflect the spirit of Halloween.
  • Use neon or glow paint to give your silhouettes an eerie glow.
  • Use orange and black glitter to add Halloween sparkle.
  • Want a zombie theme for your Halloween dance? Paint scary faces on your people silhouettes.


Reuse Wire Structures

Our wire structures can be reused for tons of events throughout the school year, and your Halloween dance is no exception. Whether you have a garden gate, a stately gazebo, or a park bench wire structure, you can give it a fun Halloween vibe in a variety of ways:

  • Wrap it in dark fabric
  • Add black floral garland or feather balls
  • Decorate it with orange lights


Create a Haunted Forest

Tree structures are very versatile. They can go from beautiful, romantic accents to your Enchanted Forest or Romantic Garden Homecoming theme to eerie additions to the Haunted Forest at your Halloween dance with just a few simple adjustments, like these:

  • Wrap black fabric through the branches
  • Add decorative cobwebs
  • Hang fake bats and spiders from the branches
  • Decorate with orange and black mini lights
  • Use special effect lighting to give trees an eerie glow


Design a Spooky Ceiling Look

If you have a crystal chandelier left over from your fancy ballroom Homecoming theme, you can easily add a few decorative touches to turn it into a fun décor piece for your Halloween dance.

  • Swap out the light bulb in your lighted chandelier for a colored bulb or black light bulb.
  • Hang spider decorations from the crystals
  • Create ceiling drapes with black and orange fabric


Other Fun and Easy Ideas for Your Halloween Dance:

  • Set up a black and orange balloon arch
  • Use special effects lighting
  • Set the scene with a fog machine
  • Dress your tables with black and orange table covers
  • Tie black and orange bows around chairs
  • Set up a black and orange candy buffet
  • Use lighted jack-o-lanterns to line walkways or as table displays
  • Paint empty boxes gray to tombstones to create a haunted graveyard

With these easy and fun ideas, you can create two separate and distinct events for your students by tweaking and reusing some of the same decorative pieces. You’ll save time, money, and stress, and give your students special memories from both events.

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