City of Light – Create Your Paris Dream Theme

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A Paris theme makes a fun and exotic destination theme for your high school Prom or Homecoming dance. While you can’t actually go to Paris, it’s easy to create the same look and vibe for your dance. We’ve put together our list of essentials to create the perfect Paris theme for your school. 

Choose a Complete Paris Theme

Start with a complete Paris theme from Anderson’s, and use it as a jumping off point to design an entire look. Choose whether you want a beautiful and elegant Paris theme or a more fun and casual Paris theme. Then, go from there by adding décor, photo props, favors, royalty accessories, and more.

Erect an Eiffel Tower

You can’t have a Paris Prom theme without the iconic landmark. Set up an Eiffel Tower replica at Grand March, the entrance to the dance, or in your photo area!

Set up Paris Landmarks

Paris isn’t all about the Eiffel Tower. Be sure to include some other famous landmarks to lend authenticity to your Paris Prom theme.

  • Arc de Triomphe Cardboard Cut Out
  • Louvre Museum Using Frame Prop Kits
  • Lampposts For Your Rue Foyatier Stairway
  • Paris Cafe Tables and Chairs

A Paris-themed Photo Area

Whether you’re using one of our complete Paris Prom themes or designing your own, you’ll need the perfect Paris photo props for your selfie area.

  • Paris Stand-ups and Separates
  • Paris Photo Murals
  • Eiffel Tower Centerpieces
  • Lights, lights, and more lights (Paris is the “City of Light”)

Paris Favors

Send attendees home with Paris-themed favors and keepsakes, so they will always remember their night in the City of Light.

  • Paris-themed Drinkware
  • Eiffel Tower Key Chains
  • Paris Photo Frames
  • Paris Swag Bags

Paris-themed Extras

Don’t forget about the details to complete your Paris theme:

  • Generate excitement with Paris-themed invitations
  • Announce the event with Paris-themed banners
  • Crown your King and Queen with Paris-themed royalty accessories

When you can’t bring your students to Paris, bring Paris to them with these easy and fun decoration, favor, and accessory ideas. With these ideas and a little creativity, you can give your students the perfect Paris theme of their dreams.

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