How to Plan Your School’s After-Prom Party

Andersons_AfterPromPartyWhy have an After-Prom party?
It will ensure the safety and wellbeing of high school teenagers on Prom night–a night when many of your students feel the need to grow up too quickly. By throwing an After-Prom Party, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are in a safe, supervised environment. Plus, this may be your students’ last chance to party with their friends and classmates.

Who should plan the After-Prom party?
Typically parents, teachers, and volunteers plan the After-Prom Party. All of these adults, particularly the parents, of course, have a big investment in keeping your students safe during the late hours after Prom ends.

Where should an After-Prom party be held?
The location of your After-Prom Party can vary depending upon how many students attend Prom, as well how big your school is. Locations can range from your school, a parent’s large house, or bowling alley, to a movie theater or community center.

What activities should you include?
A lot of parents tell us that kids love a prize wheel or prize raffles. Who can resist free stuff like that? Prizes can range from gift certificates to local restaurants and stores to dorm room supplies for college to TVs and iPads. Other activities include karaoke, movie screening, a band or DJ, casino games, fortuneteller, bowling, and much more. Check out this blog for lots of fun activity ideas. Get creative with your activity choices. And don’t forget to provide lots of tasty snacks for kids to munch on, too!

When should an After-Prom party take place?
Right after Prom ends, and they are usually 2-5 hours long. Some After-Prom Party planners tell us they organize a Prom party bus to transport students to your party location.

How should you promote your After-Prom Party?
Posters, flyers, banners, social media, and emails. If you choose to create posters and signs, make sure to display them right next to Prom banners and posters so your kids get excited about this once-in-a-lifetime evening.