10 Back to School Ideas to Welcome High School Students

A new school year is always exciting. There’s almost a tangible quality to the school spirit ‘buzz’ that surrounds the idea of a new year of high school. Use some of these ideas to really welcome your high school students back to school and boost school spirit at the same time.

Andersons_SpiritWeek1. Spirit Week the First Week

Don’t limit Spirit Week to your high school Homecoming week. Plan Spirit Week activities, like karaoke and dress up days, for the first week back to school to increase school pride.

2. Posters and Banners

Get your high school students excited about upcoming events, like school dances and plays, with lots of colorful posters and banners. Students who go to dances and other high school events get more involved!

3. New Mascot Costume

Is your mascot costume is showing the wear and tear of several years? Order a new mascot costume for game days and other school spirit events.

4. School Assemblies and Pep Rallies

Welcome kids back to school with a rousing all-school assembly and pep rally. These are quick and easy and inexpensive ways to get all your students together and boost school pride.

HighSchool_PinkOutEvent5. Cause Events

Nothing rallies your high school student body more than a good cause. Plan a cause event for the first or second of school. Some ideas are a Pink Out, animal rescue, or illiteracy.

6. More After-School Clubs and Activities

When students are more involved with activities they like, they are more likely to stay engaged with your school. Add some new clubs and activities like a Writing Club, martial arts, or cycling club.

7. Paint A Mural on a School Wall 

You will need permission to do this, but the rewards will be great. Let everyone know about the mural location and invite students to come paint and get their ideas on the wall. It’s a great way to get students involved and excited to be back in school.

8. Survey Says…

Survey students during their first week back at school. Get their ideas on what types of events, activities, clubs, etc., they want. Then try to give students as many of their wishes as you can.

9. Homeroom Competitions

If your school has homeroom before the first full class period, organize some type of competition. Decorate homeroom doors or walls or create unique displays. It’s a great way to engage your students.

highschool_dance10. Dance/Activity Night

Schedule a dance/activity night for the Friday of your back-to-school week. Dancing and fun activities are great stress relievers for students who are getting acclimated to new surroundings and new faces. And it gives them a chance to hang out with their new friends.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: No matter what ideas you choose for your back-to-school week, don’t forget the FUN FACTOR! The more fun, energetic ideas you give your high school students, the likely they are to stay involved and the more school pride goes.