Andersons Prom Hollywood Prom Theme

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create A Glamorous Hollywood Prom Theme

Hollywood themes (aka awards night, movie premiere, red carpet, Hollywood romance) are always a popular idea for Prom night. But does a Hollywood theme seem a little cliche? Do you want your Hollywood theme to be ‘different?’ Use some of these fresh, new ideas to liven up this popular Prom theme idea.

Think Old Hollywood for Prom Night

The 1930s and 1940s were the Golden Age of Hollywood that gave us many legendary movies and actors. Bring that dazzling age of Old Hollywood back to life with your Hollywood Prom theme. This all about high class glam. Use any of the following ideas:Anderson's Prom Feather Centerpiece Idea

  • Crystal vases with fancy feathers for table centerpieces
  • Black, white, and silver for a color scheme
  • Screen an old Hollywood black-and-white movie on a bare wall
  • Decorate your dinner tables with gilded frames
  • Use celebrity standups as fun photo props

Be Innovative with Your Hollywood Prom

Red carpet Prom nights and Hollywood Prom themes may seem like run-of-the-mill ideas. Kick your Prom night decorations up a notch with some new, innovative decorating ideas.Andersons Prom Hollywood Prom Theme

  • Fold napkins to resemble an awards envelope
  • Hollywood is all about movie-making, so provide flavored popcorn
  • Hand out VIP passes or backstage passes as favors
  • Use director chairs as decorations

Andersons Prom Candy BuffetFoodie Ideas for a Hollywood Prom Theme

Give your Prom menu an ultra-fancy makeover to match your Hollywood Prom theme. Instead of regular chocolate-covered strawberries, create a tuxedo chocolate design. Wrap hot dogs in white and black napkins for an awards night tuxedo look. Or create cupcakes that look like boxes of popcorn.

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