10 Super Spirit Products Every Concession Stand Needs

School concession stands are more than soda, popcorn, and hot dogs. Your game day concession stands are a huge opportunity for your school to provide students, parents, and community members with school spirit products they will proud to use. Stock your stands with these 10 spirit products and watch your profits soar!


1. Jewelry. Add some “ooh” and “aah” factor to your concession stands with lots of sparkle-filled rhinestone jewelry. Bling out earrings and necklaces, of course, can be very enticing to young female fans, getting them excited to support your school for years!

2. Cheer Sticks. Measuring a staggering 23″, cheer sticks may be the tallest spirit item you can offer in your concession stands. The sight of those large noisemakers will be irresistible to already excited fans, and it gives them loud way to express their school pride!


3. Beads. The best way to get fans to buy some new spirit items is to have your concessions staffers decked out in full spirit attire–including lots of beads in your school colors! Whether they’re round beads or football-shaped, bead necklaces are must-have wearables for your fans.

4. Foam Rousers. With their unique shapes and large sizes, foam rousers might as well have a target with a dollar in middle stamped onto them. The sight of popular foam paws, noodles, and hands are sure to attract lots of students and fans to your concession stands.


5. Popcorn Megaphones. Serve up some tasty treats and school spirit in this one functional item. You can even advertise it as a ‘twofer.’ They get some popped popcorn and a noisemaker in one! Once the popcorn is gone, fans can cheer on the home team with the empty megaphone.

6. Stadium Seats. Imagine hundreds of fans sitting on those hard bleachers during game day. You can help keep those disgruntled fans a bit more comfortable; stock custom stadium seats in your concession stands! A cushy seat can make long games more endurable.


7. Knitwear. The fall sports season can be unpredictable, weather-wise. So, be sure to stock your concession stands with lots of custom knitwear options, like caps, gloves, and scarves. They will keep both your fans and school pride nice and warm!

8. EyeBlacks. There’s nothing more attention-grabbing than fans with their faces all made up in your school colors. Get your students and fans started on their colorful quest with EyeBlacks. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and mascot, popular EyeBlacks should be front and center on your concession stand counter!

9. Sunglasses. Students love to look cool and fashionable during game days. Give them what they want with custom Andersons_SpiritProductssunglasses! Add a simple imprint to your sunglasses and sell them in concession stands at every game. They’re the hot and bright way to warm up your school pride.

10. Poms. The familiar swishing sound of poms being shaken in time to your school fight song is a familiar sight at every school. Keep those concession stands fully stocked with poms in your school colors so everyone has easy access to this hugely popular spirit product, and can get on the action!

Now that you’ve perused this list, what ideas will you use? Shop for all the spirit gear your school needs at