9 Classic Spirit Products to Get the Crowd On Its Feet!

Imagine you’re an athlete on the school football or basketball team. You look up into the stands and see…people sitting there, listlessly waving a foam rouser, or maybe clapping. Not very inspiring for the home team, huh? We’ve got 9 classic spirit products to help put some pep in your event and have your crowd on their feet at every game.


1. EyeBlacks

Traditionally worn by football players, EyeBlacks became a popular way for fans to show their team pride on game days. Today, they’re a classic item that comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Choose one that fits your school’s colors and traditions. Fans that wear eyeblacks will want to be on their feet–showing them off!

2. Spirit PomsAndersonsSpirit_Poms

This spirit product has been around as long as schools have had cheerleaders. The classic pom is an easy way to pump up school pride. Stock them in your concession stands or use ‘em for a fundraiser so everyone has ‘em for games!

AndersonsSpirit_Megaphone3. Megaphones

There are a lot of noisemakers out there, but nothing more classic than a megaphone. The styles of megaphones may have changed slightly over the years, but this traditional spirit item is a must for any school and fans that want to stand up and make a lot of noise during school events.

4. Foam RousersAndersonsSpirit_FoamMitt

These are more of a modern phenomenon, but the foam rouser has already secured a spot as a timeless choice for a spirit product. You can’t go wrong with oversized mitts, paws, noodles, and many other foam shapes. Order exciting rousers to get students and fans on their feet and waving them to cheer on their favorite team!

AndersonsSpirit_Seat Cushions

5. Stadium Seats

This may seem an odd choice, but your stadium will be filled with standing fans if they’re well rested. Custom stadium seats make those few hours a little more comfortable, and fans will be more likely to get up and cheer!

6. NoisemakersAnderson's School Spirit Cow Bell

Cow bells. Stadium Horns. Maracas. There are lots of classic noisemakers your school can order to help get fans on their feet, and keep them cheering! And you can customize most of them with your school logo and mascot.


7. Knitwear

When the temperature drops, students and fans may not be as enthusiastic to jump to their feet. You can help warm students up and keep them on their feet during games with knitwear (hats, mittens, scarves). Stock pieces in your concession stands, or sell them in your school store.

8. Glow ItemsAndersonsSpirit_GlowItems

Sitting in the dark for a night game is not much fun. Give your bleachers a little more light with cool glow products! Stock your concession stands with glow bracelets and necklaces; they will help fans cast some light on the bleachers and let them know where they’re standing.

9. Mascot Costumesandersonsspirit_mascotcostume

Imagine being greeted on game day by a large, grinning tiger. Or hornet. Or pirate. A mascot costume may be the most quintessential way of getting fans excited, and on their feet as they clap and cheer your team to victory. Post your mascot by your field entrance, have him perform during the game, and use him for photo ops!