How to Pick the Perfect Prom Favor

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Prom is one of the highlights of high school, so it’s important to give your students a little something special that will help them remember the event long after it’s over. Choosing the perfect Prom favor can be challenging, especially when you have so many personalities, styles, and tastes to account for. How do you know what the right favor is? These 4 easy steps can help you pick the perfect Prom favor for your school and students.

1) Determine Your BudgetCasino Night Prom Swag Bag
The number one factor in choosing a Prom favor is the amount of money you have available to spend on it. Be sure to know your numbers. Discuss with your committee the percentage of the budget that you will spend on favors. Then, divide by the number of students attending to determine the amount you can spend per favor.

2) Decide on a Favor Style
The next step is to determine what kind of favor you want to purchase. Do you want a functional favor or a commemorative one? Functional prom favors include technology items, sunglasses, key chains, water bottles, and backpacks. For keepsake favors, consider things like frames, glassware, candles, swag bags, and masks.

3) Match Your Theme
Naturally, you’ll want a favor that matches your Prom theme, so be sure you have decided on a theme before you start thinking about favors. Some themes are easy to coordinate with, and others may take some creativity. Here are some fun perfect pairing ideas to match popular themes:

  • Paris theme: Eiffel Tower glassware or key chain, Paris frame
  • Hollywood theme: a sparkly frame, glassware with gold accents, star key chain
  • Casino theme: playing cards, poker chips, dice set
  • Diamond theme: bling frame, bling glassware, rhinestone key chain
  • Masquerade theme: masks, black frames, tech items with a masquerade imprint

Paris Prom Favors4) Ask the students
If you can’t agree on the perfect favor, or just want to be sure you’re making the right choice, try asking the students. Send out a survey, either on paper or via social media, and ask prom goers what kind of favor they would like to receive. This can help you narrow down your options, validate your choices, or give you a great idea you hadn’t thought of.

Follow these 4 easy steps and you’ll have no problem picking the perfect, fun, functional, and memorable Prom favor for the biggest night of the school year.

What Prom favors are you handing out this year? Share with us now!