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Prom Decorating on a Budget

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Money may be tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a spectacular Prom event for your students. With a little creative genius and some practical, money-saving tips, you can create the perfect Prom event without breaking your budget. Here are some easy and creative ways to save money on your Prom decorating.

Check Last Year’s Decoration StockAnderson's Prom Chandelier Decor Ideas
Talk to last year’s Prom advisor to see if there are any decorations left over from last year that will fit into this year’s theme. Many decorations, like chandeliers, fabric, arches, and more can be stored and reused year after year for many events at your school.

Raid the Theater Department
Your school’s drama department can be a gold mine for the perfect Prom props. The lamppost from the fall musical might be perfect for your Paris Prom theme; the palm trees from last semester’s production of “South Pacific” might work well with your tropical theme. Get permission from the principal or drama teacher and then see what treasures you can find backstage or in the prop closet.

Recruit Talented Students and Parents
Remember the drama department you just checked for theme props for Prom? It’s also a great place to find talented students who can help paint backdrops or set up props for your Prom theme. Parents are a great resource, too, and they love to help when they can. Check to see if any parents have sewing or woodworking abilities and would be willing to help build or create some of your Prom props.

columnsMake Budget-friendly Purchasing Decisions
It’s ok if you have to (or want to) purchase new items for this year’s Prom; you have some money in your budget to do that. You can make best use of your money, though, by purchasing wisely and getting the best value. Buy decorations and props that go a long way and can be reused next year. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Fabric and murals: They cover large areas at one time
  • Chandeliers: They can be reused for other events (Senior Party, drama productions)
  • Balloons: Inexpensive decorations that add pops of color
  • Arches and Columns: Add drama and go with almost any theme

You can make Prom look like a million bucks without spending a fortune. Just follow these easy money-saving tips to create the perfect budget-friendly Prom for your school.