Prom Ideas: 5 Easy Ways to Advertise Prom

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Once you’ve chosen your Prom date and theme, the next step is getting the word out to students to create a buzz and generate excitement about the event. Students can’t attend an event they don’t know about, so advertising is essential. Check out our ideas on 5 easy ways to advertise Prom, pump up Prom spirit, and maximize attendance.

Prom Invitations

Once you’ve chosen your theme, the easiest way to advertise Prom is with custom Prom invitations. Choose an invite style that matches your theme, imprint it with your Prom theme and event details, and hand it out to students. As the first glimpse of the fun to come, your Prom invite will generate tons of excitement and energy for the big event. Add to the fun by including confetti or glitter in the envelopes.

Social Media

Teens are always on social media sites, so this is a quick and easy way to get their attention. Whether you create a special Facebook page especially for Prom or you use your school’s existing page, take advantage of social media to advertise Prom. Have the Prom Committee make a video and post it to FB, and post weekly updates on how the planning is going. Use Twitter to send out periodic Prom “teaser” tweets, like Prom trivia questions, Prom FAQs, and details about your specific event.

P.A. Announcements

Don’t underestimate the power of the public address system at your school. Daily announcements are usually made during homeroom or first period when students are in their seats and (hopefully) paying attention, which means it’s the perfect time to toss in an announcement or two about Prom. Whether it’s an update on planning, information about the Grand March, or a teaser to generate excitement, a P.A. announcement is an easy and effective way to promote your Prom.

Andersons_Prom_BannerPosters and Banners

Posters and banners are classic, yet effective, ways to promote your Prom event. As soon as you have a date and theme chosen, start creating colorful posters and banners to hang all around your school. Put them in high traffic areas, like main hallways and the cafeteria, for maximum exposure, and change them out periodically to keep the excitement fresh.

Local Radio Spots

Does your school have its own radio station? If so, be sure to include advertising spots about Prom in all your daily broadcasts. Or, talk to a local radio station and see if they would be willing to donate a few minutes of ad space during prime “teen listening” time. Consider offering a swap: a 30 second radio spot in exchange for a call out for the radio station: either a printed ad on your Prom poster or a live mention at Prom.

If you want students to attend the event, you need to advertise Prom. When you promote your Prom by using some of these easy tips, excitement will soar and Prom will be the most well attended event of the school year.

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