Prom Decorating Ideas: Make the Most Out of Your Decor

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Decorating for Prom is one of the biggest challenges for Prom Committees. Budget, venue, and time constraints can make it hard to create the perfect look. By making thoughtful and efficient design choices, you can design the look you want with minimal money, time, and effort. These 4 easy Prom decorating ideas will help you make the most of your Prom decor.


Choose Simple Decorations

To make the most of your Prom decorations, think “easy.” Choose pieces that are simple and quick to set up, take down, store, and transport. Things like wire structures, balloons, fabric, silhouettes and stand-ups, and background paper are great options. If you’re including a complete theme as part of your Prom decorating ideas, focus your energy and time there, and go simple and easy with the rest of your décor.


Reusable Prom Decor

Choose as much reusable Prom décor as possible. While you want some things personalized for this year’s Prom, the more non-customized décor you have the better. Fabric, background paper, lighting, table covers, faux flowers, and even some theme props can be stored and reused for next year’s prom, drama productions, team banquets, and other events during the year.

Mix and Match Prom Decor

For maximum efficiency and value, mix purchased Prom decorations with hand made ones (recruit crafty students or parents to help out), or buy economical décor and enhance it yourself to create a more upscale look. Try these fun ideas:

  • Purchase inexpensive mason jars and fill them with mini lights for a million-dollar look.
  • Purchase glassware favors, then embellish them yourself with glitter, paint, or bling to turn them into upscale keepsakes.
  • Take simple tin buckets, paint them a color, and embellish them with stenciled letters or designs to match your theme.
  • Use realistic-looking faux flowers to enhance everything from column tops to glassware pieces.

Double Duty Prom Decorating Ideas

When possible, choose Prom decorating ideas that can do double duty as something else. This will save you both time and money. Here are some fun ideas:

Prom Glassware  Andersons_ Prom_Dessert_Glass

Use 1:  Fill pieces with water beads, confetti, lights, feathers, or desserts, and use them as table centerpieces.
Use 2:  Let students take them home as Prom favors

Fabric Wall Drapes

Use 1:  As décor to cover lockers, bleachers, and more
Use 2:  As backdrops for your formal Prom photos.

Prom Theme Props

Use 1:  As décor to enhance your complete theme
Use 2:  Fun photo props for your Prom guests

All it takes is a little creativity to make the most out of your Prom decorations. With these easy Prom décor ideas, you can create a memorable event for your students, while saving time and money at the same time. Happy decorating!

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