School Dance Fountains 101: Your Questions Answered

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A fountain can add the perfect focal point to your Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, or other dance decorations, but if the idea seems daunting, we can help. Here, we’ve answered some popular questions about school dance fountains to help you make the right choices to create the perfect look for your event.

How long does it take to set up a school dance fountain?

Set-up time varies depending on the complexity of the fountain and the number and abilities of the people working on it, but it’s good to allot at least 3 hours time for 2 people to assemble an average decorative fountain.

What are some easy fountain lighting options?

Adding lights to your fountain is a great way to create an elegant and unique look. To get the waterspout to “glow,” backlight the fountain with a floodlight (clear or colored) placed directly behind the spout. Use battery-operated mini lights or tape lights as accents for the fountain’s exterior areas.


How do I keep the floor from getting wet?

If you purchase a complete fountain kit from Anderson’s, you will receive a pool liner, designed to hold the water and prevent leakage. Be sure to use it in accordance with the directions. Also, do not use staples to assemble or decorate your fountain to prevent puncturing the liner.

Do I have to use actual water?

You can choose real, working fountains that use water or faux fountains that include metallic sheeting, floral sheeting, or other décor to give the illusion of water. Be sure you know which version you have. Do not use water with fountains that are meant for decorative purposes only. Otherwise, as long as you have a pool liner and pump, you can use real water with your fountain.

 Where is the best place to put school dance fountains?

Your school dance fountain should serve as a focal point of your décor, so put it wherever it will stand out the most, whether that is near the entrance way, in a grand hallway, or on the dance floor. When choosing the best placement, take into account the size and layout of your space and whether or not you are adding lighting or special effects to your fountain.

Do school dance fountains make good photo backdrops?

Fountains make great backdrops for unique and memorable photos. Just be sure to position your subjects well away from the spray or any standing water during the photo session.


Should I add decorations? What kind?

You can use your fountain as is or add decorations to the outside to enhance the look. Besides lighting, things like vinyl floral sheeting, festooning, and fringe make great water proof decorations. Avoid using cardboard or paper décor, as they do not hold up well when wet.

Don’t be afraid of using a fountain in your school dance dance décor. With the answers to these popular questions, you’ll have the confidence you need to create the perfect fountain display for your dance.

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