5 Fun Ways to Showcase Your Prom Royalty

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Being crowned Prom royalty is a special honor, so it’s important to make your royalty stand out from the crowd – at least for one night. Besides announcing their names and handing out crowns and tiaras, here are five fun ways you can shine the spotlight on your Prom royalty.

Do a Balloon Drop

One fun way to give your Prom royalty their moment in the spotlight is to do a balloon drop at the moment of coronation. Set up a balloon drop net on the ceiling and fill it with inflated balloons. As soon as the Prom King, Queen, and Court members are announced, position them under the balloon net and let the balloons drop. It’s a fun way to create a special memory for your royalty.

Balloon Drop Net

Give Them a Grand Entrance

Make sure all eyes are on your Prom royalty by letting them make a grand entrance into the event or onto the stage. Here are some fun ways to do that.

  • Lay down a red carpet for them to walk on
  • Decorate an arch especially for them to walk through
  • Let them enter from behind a beaded or lighted curtain
  • Set up a gate structure for them to walk through


Create a Special Photo Backdrop

You’ll probably already have a backdrop that matches your theme for formal Prom photos, but why not set up a special backdrop especially for your Prom royalty? You can make it as regal-looking as they are by using a light wall, sparkly fabric, a flower wall, or patterned paper to create an amazing-looking photo backdrop exclusively for your King, Queen, and Court.


Share on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to showcase your Prom royalty is through social media. Make a live video of coronation as it’s happening and post it on your school’s Facebook page, tweet out updates on Prom coronation, and be sure to take lots of photos that you can post on your school’s Instagram page.

Give Them Non-traditional Accessories

You want your Prom royalty to really stand out, so add a fun twist to traditional royalty accessories. Besides the crown and tiara, dress your royalty in fun sashes, sunglasses, light-up fedoras, feather boas, and more to create a unique, show-stopping look.


Give your Prom King, Queen, and Court special recognition with any of these fun ideas – or use your own. However you showcase your royalty, you’ll give them an extra set of special memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

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