Top 5 Must-have Prom Tiaras

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Coronation is one of the highlights of Prom, and you want it to be special. Whether Prom is on site, off site, outside, or online this year, you can still give your Prom royalty gorgeous tiara keepsakes they will love. Bring on the sparkle with our top 5 must-have Prom tiaras for your Prom Queen and her court.

Mirabella Prom Tiara – The Glamour Girl

Mirabella may be flashy enough to steal the spotlight on Prom night, but she isn’t that kind of girl. Sure, she’s drop-dead gorgeous and sparkles with personality, but she’s not pretentious or showy. She loves to share the spotlight and will transform your Queen into the “IT” girl of Prom night. Her dazzling look and elegant style make Mirabella tiara the perfect royalty accessory to match a glamorous 1920’s Prom theme, Gatsby theme, or ballroom theme.

Mirabella Prom Tiara

Ruby Prom Tiara – The Hopeless Romantic

Exquisitely crafted with a sweet look, Ruby is delicate, charming, and elegant, and she’ll make any girl who wears her look and feel like a fairy tale princess. Ruby may be small in stature (1 1/2″ high), but she makes up for it in sparkle, with hundreds of radiant rhinestones that shimmer and shine as they dance in the light. The ideal Prom coronation accessory for your Prom Princesses, the Ruby tiara is perfect when paired with a Cinderella theme, fairy tale theme, or pretty floral or garden theme.

Ruby Prom Tiara

Amelia Prom Tiara – The Diva

Amelia is a diva, and she knows it. She’s not pretending otherwise. She’s perfectly poised to make your Prom Queen the center of attention. At 5 ½” high, the Amelia tiara is one of our tallest, and she’s adorned with hundreds of radiant rhinestones that give her the ultimate sparkle and shine and just the right amount of “notice me” style. Amelia is the “IT” tiara of the season if you are putting on a Hollywood Prom theme or over-the-top ballroom theme.

Amelia Prom Tiara

Adele Prom Tiara – The Party Girl

With her stunning array of radiant rhinestones arranged in an elaborate swirl design, our Adele tiara is all about fun. While her look seems classic and refined, there is a carefree style about her that makes her the life of the party. This is the tiara your Queen will want to wear while she’s letting her hair down (so to speak) on the dance floor and mingling with all her BFFs at the biggest event of the year. Adele will love to score an invitation to your Hollywood theme, Paris theme, or any theme where fun is front and center.

Adele Prom Tiara

Sasha Full Crown – The Traditionalist

Perfectly regal in every way, the Sasha tiara features a full-crown band that keeps her secure and in place all night long. Designed in a traditional monarch style, Sasha will make your Queen feel confident and beautiful as she dances the night away encircled by hundreds of brilliant rhinestones that dazzle like diamonds. Her Royal Highness will reign supreme when she is crowned with this brilliant tiara at your fairy tale or ballroom theme

Sasha Full-crown Tiara

No matter what Prom looks like this year, keep your coronation tradition going strong with gorgeous Prom tiara keepsakes your Queen and her court will be proud to receive. Choose from one of the beauties mentioned here, or call us or visit us online and let us help you find the perfect coronation crowns for your royalty. 

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