Celebrate Your Student Council with A Party

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Being part of a high school student council is a great opportunity for students to learn and practice leadership skills, responsibility, and community service. With the school year coming to an end, recognize the hard work of your student council members with a special celebration. Show your appreciation to your Student Council members with a fun, end-of-the-school year party.

A Little Recognition Goes A Long Way
Everyone likes to hear “thank you,” especially when they have assumed a lot of responsibilities. Student councils plan fundraisers, community service projects, and promote events throughout the school year. So, a little acknowledgement, like a group activity or a party with gifts and rewards are great ways to say thank you.


Keep the Energy Going with A Group Activity
Student council members have a lot of energy because they always have several projects going on at once. Take advantage of that and plan a big, energetic group activity outside of school for your entire student council. Customers have told us that they like group activities like bowling parties, pool parties, and paint ball parties.

Andersons_PoolParty Fundraiser

Food for Thought
You can’t have a good party without good food. If your student council budget still has enough money, organize a barbeque, small banquet, or a private room at a local restaurant. For budgets that have been stretched a little, try a more casual idea like a pizza party, picnic, or potluck.


Gifts and Rewards for Student Council Members
No matter what type of student council celebration you have, give your students a gift and reward they can take with them when school ends. Gifts and awards can even match your party style. For a more laid-back celebration, hand out award pins, custom T-shirts, or dog tags. At a slightly fancier party, give students backpacks, medallions, or trophies.

Thank your Student Council members for their hard work all year long with a fun party to show your appreciation. Ready to shop for your Student Council members? See everything andersons.com has to offer.