Go Green – Eco-friendly Products For Your School

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Want to promote environmental awareness at your school? You don’t have to go all out with a full-on “go green” program (although, this is a great idea if you have the time and resources). Even small things can make a difference – like changing up the products you use to promote your school or events. At Anderson’s, we have a variety of school spirit and promotional items made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials that you can feel good about offering to students, staff, and teachers as easy and effective ways to help the environment.

Eco-friendly Drinkware

With options made from bamboo and wheat to other plant-based materials and more, our eco-friendly drinkware products are sturdy, stylish, and sustainable, which means you can feel good about offering them to you students as Prom favors, school fundraisers, or school promotional items.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Travel Mug

Eco-friendly Wheat Travel Tumbler

Eco-friendly Wheat Mug

Eco-friendly Bamboo Travel Cup

Eco-friendly Recycled Plastic Water Bottle

Eco-friendly Backpacks

Made of post-consumer plastic bottles melted down to create sturdy fibers, our eco-friendly backpacks are strong and functional, and they look great, too.

Bamboo Phone Stand

Bamboo is one of the most highly sustainable plants on earth, so it’s the ideal material to use in environmentally-friendly products. Our bamboo phone stand makes a great promotional product for your school or a fun and functional favor for Prom, Homecoming, or your Senior Party.

Eco-friendly Pens

Go green the “write” way with fun, eco-friendly pens! We offer a stylish-looking bamboo pen or a wheat writer stylus pen made of wheat straw polypropylene that comes in a variety of fun colors. These are great items to stock in your school store all year long.

Other Eco-friendly Items

Want more eco-friendly products for your school store or fundraisers? We have even more to choose from!

Eco-friendly Buildable Wheat Straw Kit

Eco-friendly Bamboo Lanyard

Eco-friendly Lip Moisturizer Ball

Clear and Cork Water Bottle

Our eco-friendly products are both fun and functional, and they are easy ways to promote awareness at your school and do your part to help the environment. Shop for these eco-friendly items and more at andersons.com.