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Mylar Balloons

Decorating with Foil Balloons adds a whole new dimension to your Prom, Homecoming and school event decorations – use them to decorate floors, hang them from ceilings and float them at different eye levels throughout your venue. Anderson’s Foil Balloons Collection features fun shaped balloons like the Alpha Loons – large letter-shaped balloons that can be used to spell out anything including your school name, team or mascot name, individual names and titles, etc. – Number Loons – large number-shaped balloons from 0 to 9 that can be used to call out dates, rankings, anniversaries, etc. – Balloon Number Kits and Balloon Word Kits – Anderson’s has combined our most commonly ordered Alpha Loons and Number Loons groupings to save you more of your decorating budget and shaped Balloons; various shaped balloons that can be used to enhance and complement your Prom, Homecoming or other school decorations. Use shaped balloons as the centerpiece of balloon bouquets to add a pop of interest and design.

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