Glass Flutes

As traditional as Prom itself, Glass Flutes have long been a leading Prom Favor choice. Today, Anderson’s Glass Flutes continues to carry on the tradition of being one of the most sought after Prom Favors. Our glassware has been carefully selected to offer you a variety of designs to meet your needs. Here you will find Glass Flutes with a variety of stem styles and enhancements like the Gold Serendipity Stem Flute featuring stunning columns of gold rhinestones on the stem, the Painted Chalkboard Flute that features a chalkboard painted stem you can write upon with chalk and the Mysterious Mask Flute that features a dark black stem and base with a rhinestone-stunned mask charm. All of the following Glass Flutes will not only add a wow factor to your Prom tables, they will also serve as the perfect Prom Favor keepsake to commemorate your very special Prom night. And don’t forget to check out our trendy light-up stem flutes!

Midnight Gold Flute

Price: $4.99

Dipped in Dots Flute

Price: $4.49

6 oz. Gold Twist Flute

As low as: $6.09

Twirls of Gold Flute

Price: $4.99

Golden Glitz Flute

As low as: $4.88

6 oz. Ice Crystals Flute

Retail Price: $8.09
As low as: $5.29

Hint of Gold Ebony Tumbler

As low as: $4.29

Daredevil Glass Flute

Retail Price: $8.39
As low as: $4.29

Golden Drizzle Flute

As low as: $4.19

Diamond Lights Flute

Price: $4.99

Luca Plastic Flute

Price: $3.99

Gold Dipped Flute

As low as: $3.79

Prom Glitz Flute

Price: $6.29

Smoked Silver Flute

Price: $4.99

Silver Elegant PROM Flute

As low as: $5.19

Hint of Gold Ebony Flute

As low as: $5.19

Iridescent Sparkle Flute

As low as: $4.29

Prom Glitz Flute With Custom Imprint

Retail Price: $8.99
Our Price: $2.99

Copperline Flute

As low as: $3.59

Golden Swirls & Stars Flute

As low as: $3.99

Gold Elegant Flute

As low as: $5.19

Charming Paris Flute

As low as: $4.69

Fanciful Feather Flute

As low as: $4.69

Aspen Plastic Flute

Price: $3.99

Ebony Starlight Flute

Price: $3.99

Black and Bling Flute

Price: $3.69

Gold Mosaic Flute

As low as: $3.19

Tiny Tuxedo Charm

Price: $0.69

Silver Glitter Magic Flute

As low as: $5.29

Prom 2020 Flute

Price: $4.69