Anderson’s custom chargers are not only an excellent choice for Prom and Homecoming favors, they also make trendy student awards, awesome teacher and staff appreciation gifts, desirable fundraiser and handy school store items. Everyone will love to receive custom chargers to keep their electronic devices charged and ready-to-use. Check out some of our most popular chargers including the Charger Travel Kit, 3-in-1 Charging Buddy and the Portable Charger with Key Ring.

Braided Tech Set

Price: $6.88

Charging Bracelet

Price: $3.45

Textured Tech Kit

Price: $8.69

Bottled Charging Trio

Price: $9.89

Power Kit

Price: $16.99

Flashlight Power Bank

Price: $11.99

Tech Accessories Kit

Price: $13.99

Slim Phone Charger

Price: $13.49

Super Slim Power Bank

Price: $15.99

3-in-1 Charging Buddy

Price: $5.99

Light-up Adapter

Price: $8.99

Mini USB 4-Port Hub

Price: $4.99

4-in-1 Charging Buddy

Price: $14.99

Dual USB Car Charger

Price: $4.49

Round Metal Charger

Price: $11.99

A/C USB Charger Block

Retail Price: $6.84
As low as: $4.89

Car Charger

Retail Price: $11.99
As low as: $10.19

Swivel Car Charger

Price: $3.49