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Flame-Retardant Solid Color Gossamer

Transform your space into the belle of the ball with gorgeous sheer, flame-retardant gossamer that's guaranteed to turn heads and won't change into a pumpkin after midnight. The lightweight, non-woven fabric that layers smoothly, drapes easily, and covers almost anything; use your imagination and decorate to match your dreams. Create dramatic ceiling displays by swooping gossamer from the ceiling, add interest to photo ops by draping the fabric on a wall as a stunning photo backdrop, wind gossamer around columns or poles to add gorgeous flair, or layer it over solid color fabric or paper and use it as coverings for your event tables. The possibilities are endless with this amazing decorating material! Choose your color and size to match your event needs. Because it covers large areas quickly and easily, gossamer is perfect for as a decoration for Prom, your Homecoming dance, Senior Party, team banquet, graduation, or any school event. NOTE: Our gossamer is flame-retardant and meets most building fire safety standards (NFPA 701). Due to size regulations, gossamer may arrive folded.